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Supercharge engagement with memberships fueled by ownership, co-creation, personalization and tradeable rewards.

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3NNOVA started as an internal toolset to streamline Web3 projects of Way Too Digital, a software dev agency
partnered with Hollywood IPs, Fortune500 companies, and blockchain startups in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Why Web3?

Empowering users with ownership is a big deal!

Allowing members to trade their points takes the weight off your brand's catalog as the only redemption option.

Blockchain brings transparency and immutability which helps to align incentives and turn members into a community of superfans who love being rewarded as much as contributing to experiences that benefit everyone.

Many interesting insights, ideas and opportunities around Web3 and loyalty can be found at this BCG great article.

How can we help you?

Digital projects can spend +50% of their effort building features that are not core to their experience, such as registration, profile, asset inventory, gamified points and achievements, notifications, payment gateway, polls, refer a friend, leaderboards, security audit, cloud architecture, and that's just to name a few from web 2.0...

3NNOVA modules provide the foundations so your project can focus on building its unique hyper-personalized experiences on top of a battle-tested infrastructure using blockchain technology, rather than reinventing the Web 2.0 and Web3 wheel.

Frictionless access

Simple Onboarding for Every User

Turn visitors into members with an email. No passwords, no headaches. We get your members in the door, fast and smooth.

Loyalty meets Web3

Put Your Community in Control with User-Owned Memberships

Give members the keys to your community. Forget passive loyalty, ignite active participation: vote on decisions, and enjoy exclusive rewards.
Unleash the full potential of your community with true ownership.

Unlock Hyper-Personalized Journeys

Level Up Engagement with AI-Powered Personalization

Forget cookie-cutter rewards, let's personalize passion. Elevate your members' journeys with experiences that are personalized with unique  assets owned by the user.

Empower them to co-create content with help from AI, vote on future features, and build their reputation within your community.

Elevate your Rewards

Fuel Community Growth with Gamified Points Experiences.

Ever feel like your loyalty points just don't have enough options?

3NNOVA lets your members redeem points for a universe of rewards. Craving limited-edition fashion? Snag it. Dreaming of VIP sports access? Book it. Want unique digital collectibles? Claim your prize.

Craft unforgettable experiences powered by points, leveraging Octalysis framework to fuel engagement and excitement.

Member-Driven Marketplace

Turn Points & Rewards into Revenue with P2P Trading

Points and rewards aren't just trophies, they're like community coins.

Trading collectibles, swapping rewards for something truly desired, or obtaining required items from other member is possible through your own branded secondary marketplace.

It's a peer-to-peer playground where members rule a marketplace where passion drives value.

Projects built with 3NNOVA

We help you launch digital journeys where points become community coins, collectibles turn into unique adventures, members collaborate with the community and use AI to co-create content around your IP.

Web3 execution cheat sheet

3NNOVA empowers your platform with control, ownership, and self-sufficiency.


Going fully custom for your Web3 project sounds sweet, but be ready for some real bites:

  • longer development times delaying your launch,
  • hefty costs and time consuming security audits,
  • a steep learning curve for your team,
  • and constant bug fixing and updates.

Sure, you get ultimate control, but is building everything from scratch really the best use of your time and money?

The best of both worlds!

Build your Web3 platform, 100% yours, on your own infrastructure.

Lean on our battle-tested toolset, forged through real-world projects, and evolve at your own pace.

No vendor lock-in, no limitations, just freedom.

Craft your Web3 vision, own it, and scale it on your own terms.


SaaS solutions get you up and running quickly, but be prepared for limitations, as you'll be stuck with bare-bones features that eventually won't evolve with your project's unique requirements.

Scaling up later? Get ready for Frankenstein-ing multiple platforms together between many vendors with misaligned interests. Say goodbye to UX!

Plus, you're handing the reins to a third party – bugs, downtime, even shutdowns are all out of your control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the feature list of 3NNOVA?

3NNOVA modules can be used as if they were LEGOs, plus adding your own features on top of your current stack (such as a CRM), or you can use 3NNOVA + Way Too Digital as your one-stop-shop:

- Passive onboarding: easy registration using just an email address. We removed ALL the friction. No signing transactions or paying gas with token. Web3 UX dream became true and blockchain got left on the backend for good and got invisible to users in the front end.

- Membership for each user gets airdropped as a digital collectible (ERC721 NFT with a balance of embedded points as ERC20 tokens).

- Public profile to showcase status and flex your favorite assets.

- Primary market: fixed price sales (buy now), auctions, unique editions (1/1 NFTs), limited editions, open editions, claimables and allowlists.

- Secondary market: marketplace with IP-customized filters for dynamic traits and ranking, fixed price, trade and auctions.

- Fiat payments: buy collectibles, points or token with Credit Cards.

- Token-gated challenges with leaderboards.

- Community on-chain interactions: creating bio, voting on UGC, social activities, leaderboards.

- Avatar generator: photorealistic 3D character generated with just a selfie.

- Games with tokenized rewards (collectibles and/or points).

- New features! WTD periodically incorporates functionality and integrations with 3rd party solutions such as analytics, Web3 CRMs, wallets, experiences, games, metaverses, infrastracture, payment on/off-ramps and blockchain networks.

Which blockchains are supported?

3NNOVA typically sticks to EVM-compatible networks, which means that works with L1 and L2 networks based on Ethereum such as Polygon, Avalanche, Theta Network, Moonbeam, Palm, Arbitrum, Base, OKX and BNB (to name a few).

While we would be able to work with other non-EVM networks such as NEAR, Solana, Flow, SUI, Aptos or Cardano, including them into your platform should be considered on per-project basis.

What's a digital collectible? (formerly known as NFT)

At its core, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique, identifiable digital asset stored on a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology, AKA “blockchain”) that serves as proof of ownership for its holder and provides the ability to trade it.

We apply NFTs as a containers for the typical use cases you probaly heard such as a piece of digital artwork, a collectible, an access ticket to an event, a Proof of Attendance (POAP) or as a representation of a real physical asset ("digital twin") but there are lots of other use cases, such as carrying your highest score on a game, Keeping track of the votes obtained for the story you wrote for your character and so on!

What's the difference between CRM Web3 solutions and 3NNOVA?

SaaS platforms such as like Flaunt, Hang, Kalder and Taco offer quick and affordable solutions to help companies launch Web3 memberships so consumers can earn and track rewards that can be redeemed for benefits like token-gated content, merch, event tickets and brands are provided with CRM, dashboards to monitor KPIs and self-serve tools to manage campaigns.

On top of thoese relationships between brands and their consumers, 3NNOVA adds a social layer of features promotiong the interactions between users so they can create content, vote and be voted, participating in challenges, increasing the popularity and overall ranking of their assets, which can be securely traded in our branded marketplace.

And while there is some overlapping functionality between SaaS and some of our modules, 3NNOVA caters to specific IPs and companies that have unique requirements and/or need to own their platforms such as Pepsi MicDrop, Dish Network, Nike dotSwoosh, Reddit community points and Christie's 3.0, to name a few.

3NNOVA allows projects to focus on building just their core incremental features and save up to ~1 year by doing it on top of our existing codebase and infrastructure as if they had developed it internally.

We find it very effective to schedule a demo to explore possibilities together.

Which projects have used 3NNOVA? (longer list than the trailer video)

These are some of the projects executed by Way Too Digital Web3 development agency using 3NNOVA modules:

- Pepsi 2021 genesis NFT #pepsiMicDrop Ethereum
WTD helped as execution dev team for Pepsi's first NFT collection led by Gary Vee's agency VaynerNFT.
Scope: mkt website + dApp + Smart Contract + user profile + ERC721 NFT minting + merkle tree allowlist.

- Pepsi 2023 New Year’s Club NFTs | Polygon
Pepsi airdropped commemorative NFTs to consumers who joined their NFT community: The Pepsi MicDrop
Scope: ERC1155 NFT airdrop + Smart Contract + StealthTest QA
- The Gimmicks S02 | Avalanche
Mila Kunis' Sixth wall & Toonstar keep leading the #Hollywood3 space with this animated Web3 comedy where the audience interacts with the show and IP.
Scope: visual ID + mkt website + dApp + Smart Contract + user profile + marketplace (trade) + ERC721 NFT bridge from Solana collections + NFT generative art + NFT wiki (RMRK nested NFTs) + DIC punches (poke) + episodic voting + leaderboards

- Space JunkTheta Network | Subchain
Toonstar went even further and this time added AI to the show (the Wellbecca character is an AI voiceover) and the UGC modules (AI companion for the stories of the NFT characters).
Scope: visual ID + mkt website + dApp + Smart Contract + User profile + ThetaDrop wallet integration + Episodic voting + NFT wiki + ChatGPT API AI Companion + Cosmic DIC punches (poke)

- FORTUN3(TBD, Stay tooned!)
Toonstar keeps taking AI to the next level! In the news: Hollywood Reporter, EW, Deadline and Coindesk.

- Local Weather sports drink NFT membership | Ethereum
Gary Vee and his brother AJ Vaynerchuk teamed up with Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson and H+S labs to launch a new sports drink.
Scope: mkt website + ERC721 NFT minting + dApp + merkle tree allowlist + Smart Contract

- NFT.land event ticketing platform | Ethereum
Tokensmart organized a conference in Las Vegas using Nameless minting solution and WTD built a NFT ticketing platform on top.
Scope: mkt website + NFT ticketing + user profile + CVENT API integration for on-site access control

- Morning Line Club | Phase #1 Ethereum + phase #2 TBD
MLC founders are horse racing experts who are solving major industry pain points through a Web3 platform with assets tokenization and royalties distribution features on top of 3NNOVA membership and marketplace.
Initial scope: mkt website + dApp + ERC721 minting + Smart Contract + Crossmint CC embedded NFT Checkout + User Profile
Upcoming Phase #2: full SEC-compliant primary and secondary market to trade fractionalized horse-racing ownership.

- MegaVolt Corp: Valfrelandia + Weenimals + BreadaverseEthereum
WTD used 3NNOVA white-label NFT drop solution for launching NFT projects from Supducks partner IPs.
Scope: mkt websites + dApp + user profile + ERC721a NFT minting + Smart Contracts

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